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Basic principles, techniques and theories of Acupressure; the 8 Strange Flows (extraordinary meridians), location of the 55 Basic Jin Shin Do® acupoints with individual attention. Includes local/distal point theory, segmental release method for bodymind armoring, Body Focusing and breathing techniques to facilitate tension release. Release patterns for segments and Strange flows, for general bodymind relaxation. Basic may be taken in 2 parts.

Prerequisite: Basic Jin Shin Do® with authorized teacher
Meridian theory. the Six Divisions. Basic peer counseling skills for processing feelings. Location of the 12 meridians and associations. Introduction to the attitudes and emotions related to the yin and yang meridians. 60 additional points, basic pulse reading; meridian release patterns.

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Jin Shin Do®  Bodymind Acupressure®     ●    Classes/Lectures-Demos    ●    Wellness
Prerequisite: Intermediate Jin Shin Do® with authorized teacher 
Introduction to the "Five Elements" theory as applied to the energetic 
relationship of the 12 meridians; the "Emotional Kaleidoscope" as developed 
by Jin Shin Do®'s creator, Iona Marsaa Teeguarden. Mu, Shu,
 5 Element, Source and Luo points.

Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® Practitioner Training
**NCBTMB Approved C.E. Provider **
Module One
Module Two
Modality Technique and Practice:  (Parts one and two)
Prerequisite: Module I (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced with Authorized Teacher, Bodymind Awareness (may be taken at any time in the training)

This class provides an opportunity for review of point locations, learning optimal angels of stimulation, and integrating theories learned in Module I. In depth discussions of Strange Flows, Organ Meridians and Zang/Fu, Segments and Five Elements, Bodymind focus (which varies from teacher to teacher). 

Part One: Integration of Key Theories: 30 hours 
  A) In-depth study of Strange Flows, emphasizing their functions and including over 150 Strange Flow points, many of which were taught in Module One. Practice: Advanced SF release patterns. (16 hours)
  B) Integration of Strange Flow, Meridian and Segmental theories in assessment and point combinations. Special powerful point groups: entry/exit points; general and group lo points; the 8 meeting points; associated points, combining points, etc. (14 hours)

Part Two: Master Class: 35 hours
  A) Review of all Basic and Intermediate points for accuracy of location and precision of angle. (14 hours)
  B) Demonstration of assessment skills: point palpation, pulse reading, questioning, listening, looking. Specific applications of Segmental, Strange flow, Meridian, and Five Phases theories to common problems such as neck, shoulder, and back tension/pain, headache, chest/respiratory problems, menstrual difficulties, pelvic tension, digestive stress, insomnia, joint problems. Includes focus on bodymind process skills. (21 hours)


See also: www.jinshindo.org.