Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® - relaxing, balancing, body, mind and spirit. helps promotes physical and emotional wellbeing; helps replenish the Qi, or body’s energy

The Jin Shin Do® Neck and Shoulder Release - focus on the neck and shoulder segments, may help relieve tension and muscular armoring from these areas. Good introduction to the full body session.                       

​Traditional Taegeuk Therapy - Developed centuries ago in the orient by acupressurists, this technique sends fresh energy to your entire being, re-energizing while releasing tension.
 by applying finger pressure to acupoints all along your back and related leg and neck points.

Windows of the Sky Acupressure Facial - deeply relaxing “lifts tension and stress lines, giving the appearance of lifting years from the face:” creates a “glowing complexion” Uses gentle finger pressure, no needles or oils and creams.      

Floral-Acupressure - combines work with the energy meridians which reflect physical, mental, emotional, and spritual bodies. and Bach flower essences (“a form of liquid light”), which seek to help clear emotional obstacles to personal growth.      

Manual Lymph Drainage  - works with the “rest and digest” system, thereby allowing the lymph system to cleanse skin and gently release and clear toxins. Reduces edema, especially good for post-mastectomies. A renonwned “spa” treatment in Europe.                       

Cosmetic Lymph Massage - especially good for swelling as a result of plastic surgery, liposuction or joint replacement.                                                                                                         

Munay-Ki Attunements - nine initiation rites of the Incan Shaman community prepares the recipient to move from homo-sapien to homos-luminos. Recipient is dedicated to the healing and balancing of mother earth.   - 3 sessions required. 

Shamanic Journeys - accessing energies of earth, plants and/or animal spirits and the ancient accompaniment of rattles and drum to ask for balance and healing energies. Seeking power animals and guiding spirits for the individual when appropriate. Based on M. Harner and S. Ingerman's teachings.                                                                                                             
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