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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates

"Food is the most powerful medicine you can take because you eat it every day." Jeffrey Yuen.

Humble CELERY is amazing. cooling in nature, benefits the stomach and spleen, calms an aggravated liver, purifies the blood, helps lower high blood pressure, and helps control appetite when eaten between and with meals. Helps renew joints, bones, arteries because it is so high in silicon.  

MUSHROOMS: the button mushroom reduces the fat level in blood and helps rid the respiratory system of excess mucus; has antibiotic properties, and helps increase white blood cell count, thereby bolstering immunity against microorganisms.  

THE NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF NUTS: Nuts are important for brain, circulatory, nerve and endocrine health. They are high in nutritional, healthy fats and in proteins and fiber as well. Buy them in a health food store, not in a processed prepackaged form. They go rancid quickly, so keep them refrigerated. Rancid fat is very dangerous to your health.  

 Here is a sample list:

One in four women in the US suffers from migraine headaches.

Medical research has shown that one 30 minute session of any kind of bodywork once a week reduces headaches by 71%. Add to that a diet high in whole grains and vegetables and reduce inflammation, which is high in migraine sufferers.

Alzheimer's Assoc.: women who took an aspirin daily for five years had stronger memory skills than non-aspirin takers.

Research is showing that walking for just forty minutes for only three days a week can help prevent memory loss. Over 21% of Alzheimer's cases are linked to too little physical activity.

Gazing at flowers has the power to lessen fatigue by tapping into the pleasure center of your brain and releasing energizing hormones. (Kansas State U. research)


Acupressure once a week for five weeks will reduce insomnia significantly.

Acupressure significantly reduces stress. Stress is considered by an increasing number of physicians to be the root of ALL disease.

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WALNUTS: 1 ounce (about 14 walnuts halves) is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. Good for circulation and brain health
BRAZIL NUTS: An excellent source of selenium, an essential mineral for reproductive and thyroid health
ALMONDS: High in calcium (in a natural more easily absorbed form) and vitamin E (may protect against cancer)
PISTACHIOS: high in potassium helps maintain good nerve health
CASHEWS: high in magnesium, helps keep blood sugar even and blood pressure low. Raw, unsalted is best.