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Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure®     ●    Classes/Lectures-Demos    ●    Wellness
SELF HELP CLASSES:  Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®
WORKSHOPS: Self Care and Personal Growth

De-Stress and Re-Connect with Acupressure

One-on-one sessions in self-acupressure to counteract stress that can be held in the body. Gail’s sessions begin with a relaxing Jin Shin Do® release for the neck and shoulders, where most people experience tension and pain—followed by instructions on using acupoint combinations to help relieve stress and tension in affected areas.

Acupressure techniques have been used in Asian cultures for thousands of years to return the body’s energy system to balance. Specific touch on specific places (acupoints) on the body help to stimulate the flow of energy that might be stuck or stagnant. The gentle reminder of compassionate touch on these areas encourages the body to return to its natural state of balance. As muscles begin to relax, the breath deepens, and a sense of well-being arises from getting in touch with the body’s own energies. Clients observe that the experience is very empowering, and creates a sense of being connected to the energy of the natural world.

To schedule a session with Gail, please call 914.232.5754. Gail is also available for group demonstrations at community centers and nonprofit organizations, at no charge, as a public service.

Self Care Classes may be used as introductory classes or may be added to a professional practice.

Windows of the Sky:
The renowned Jin Shin Do Acupressure Facial, learning over 20 points on the face, neck and shoulders, creating a glowing complexion, promoting relaxation, reducing stress. Beautifully illustrated booklet with instructions provided. (8 hours)

Self Acupressure:
Full body self acupressure techniques based on the Jin Shin Do “Strange Flows,” designed to balance and replenish body, mind and spirit. A wonderful approach to wellness through care and compassion for the self. Clearly illustrated booklet provided with step by step instructions. (8 hours)

eck and Shoulder Release:
A most effective approach to help relieve neck and shoulder tension. Can help ease stress, may help with headaches, sinus, eye strain when used on a regular basis. (3 hours)

Qi Kung:
Cultivating energy for maintaining and strengthening health.  Based on ancient traditional practices thousands of years old. Weekly classes - Peregisteration required. gkellstrom@att.net or 914 232 5754

The Five Element Principles:
Applying principles of the Taoist tradition to enhance your personal life and professional practice, covering what are they, and how they are used. 

Breast Wellness:
Using  both Asian acupressure points and theory and Western breast massage techniques (Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage,) learn to do non-invasive, gentle self care techniques to help encourage and maintain good lymph (cleansing and nourishing), and energy flow (encouraging blood and healing energies) through the breast areas. For everyone, including breast cancer survivors.

Everyday Meditations
A variety of short, effective and fun meditations based, in part, on the five elements.  Helpful for our busy lifestyles. Calm and focus the mind, quiet the chattering critic.      

BLUE HERON JOURNEYS     Gail Kellstrom     914-232-5754     gkellstom22@gmail.com